Our Approach

Our Vision

The Voorhees Arts Center & Gallery is managed by Marianne Leone, a local artist (nature photographer). The intention is to provide a space for local artists to express their creativity and share their gifts with the community. The space is also intended for use for art classes & programs, to have Art Alive in the space.

Our Story

Our Story

The Arts on the Boulevard  Seasonal Exhibit Program began 2 years ago, predating the gallery. Marianne Leone spearheaded the program and had a vision when she poked her head in the former Yankee Candle store. "These cabinets would really lend themselves to artwork, for not just me but for many artists".  The Voorhees Arts Council body oversees the activities of the Center& gallery. Click here to learn more.

Meet the Teachers

With 30 artists showing work in the Gallery, we have an experienced group of Art Teachers to call on for our exciting kids and adult programs. Here are a few of them and their experience.

Kim Clay photo

Kim Clay

Co-Chair VAC, Arts on the Boulevard Program Manager, Art Teacher

Kim taught ceramic classes in the 70s and early 80s. She was a Girl Scout leader for 11 years which included teaching sewing, painting, crochet, and crafts.

She assists with the Tween Art Camp in the Voorhees Art Gallery, and recently led our Mother's Day art event, as well as our Drop Off Pop Up Art Party. Kim is also the Chair of the Arts ion the Boulevard Exhibit program.


Natalie Sutherland

Art Council Co-Chair, Art Teacher


Natalie La Torre-Sutherland is the Co-Chair of the Voorhees Art Council.
She attended Moore College of Art where she studied fine art, design and art history. She completed her
educational studies at Rowan University where she studied fiber arts and photography and earned dual
degrees in education and fine art. She has dual teacher certifications in art education and elementary
education. Natalie received a merit scholarship from Moore and was awarded an artist fellowship from the
Barnes Foundation and Academy of Fine Art, where she was fortunate enough to study amongst world class


Ann May Kelly

Art Teacher


Ann May Kelly has been teaching art for more than 30 years. her specialty is watercolor, acrylics, and oils.  she is now fascinated with water soluble oils. she was a high school art teacher for 10 years and now teaches in art centers in the South Jersey area.


Marianne Leone

Executive Director, Art Council Co-Chair


Donna Moyer

Art Teacher


Marianne has been shooting wildlife photography for 16 years and teaches about composition and how to get the photos out of the camera and in books or on canvas or printed to share with the world. Her style is not typical, she speaks of yoga techniques and connecting with her subjects through breathing. she worked at the Markeim Arts Center for 3 years and taught photography class there. Although she is not technically trained, she has an eye for wildlife and nature photography.

Donna has been teaching art for a long time. for 32 years she was an art teacher in Winslow and then for 12 years she taught youth and adult classes for Croft Center for the Arts in Cherry Hill. She really enjoys teaching art history, multiculturalism, self awareness and sustainable arts and crafts as these are some of her favorite types of art to explore.

Play with Us...

Participate in a program with us!  We have a "Create Your Own Art Party" that gives you many choices of art activities to do with your friends. YOU choose!