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Bhavesh Gala –

Bhavesh Gala was born on May 25th, 1959 in Mumbai, India to the very prestigious Gala family originally from Bhujpur Kutch, India.
From a very early age, Bhavesh found a hobby with pencil drawing, as it was very natural to him. When he was in the 3rd grade, he frequently would scribble on paper during class to pass his time. His talent was discovered by his teacher Mr. Rana, who became his art mentor. Mr. Rana taught him to paint in watercolor and oil color on canvas. Oil on canvas got him interested from that on.
Bhavesh immigrated to the United States of America in early 1980 and brought his passion for creating artwork with him. Before leaving India, he had created 20 paintings for which he gifted to his friends and family.
Bhavesh married his high-school sweetheart on May 23rd, 1981, and currently has 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
Over the following decades, Bhavesh continued to paint while maintaining multiple businesses and a full-time job at Thomas Jefferson University hospital.
His hobbies also include dancing, singing, acting, and hiking. He has participated in many live drama shows and also had a modelling career for about 10 years.
He particularly enjoys painting nature, mountains, waterfalls, trees, and animals.

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