When Deputy Mayor Michelle Nocito proposed the mission, if we chose to accept it, to Marianne Leone to “create something special for the Class of 2020 Graduates…” and mall management agreed to give us the empty canvas, of a 198′ wide by 12′ high wall, Marianne knew with this dynamite team it could be done. Marianne was happy to accept this challenge on behalf of the Voorhees Township Committee.  In just over two weeks this team of incredible dedicated and talented artists and community members worked together every morning that the weather would permit to have this vision realized.  (which evolved as each new idea enhanced the overall story).  “We all wanted to provide something special, and for the effect to be that every graduate of the Class of 2020 would see themselves in that wall and feel acknowledged.” Every single person involved in this mural project is grateful that the Voorhees Citizens Event Foundation made it all possible by funding this project. The mural is expected to be up through January at the least. The team intentionally left a space, at each rite of passage, where a graduate can stand and shake hands with the silhouette  principal and receive their diploma.  We also encourage families to take the group photo at the “Congratulation wall”. And it seems the 30′ Class of 2020 panel is a pretty popular spot to photograph also. Please when visiting follow the guidelines of social distancing and wearing a mask within 6′ of others.
Thank you Voorhees Community and Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Click here to Meet the Artists of the Mural