Marianne Leone is the Executive Director of the Voorhees Arts Center & Gallery as well as Co-Chair and founder of the Voorhees Arts Council. She also shares her  photography of species in danger and national parks in the gallery. She proudly lead this mural art project with this great team.  Learn more about Marianne and her art here.
Kim Clay is the Co-Chair of the Voorhees Arts Council and has been an integral part of our growth over the last two years. She is an incredible painter, focusing on pet portraits and has her work displayed in the gallery. She provided incredible silhouette renderings and was able to get kindergarten through 5th grade outlined on the 5 panels of the wall done in just a few hours. And then she did the incredible detail of the 4 elementary school flags. If you meet her ask about the kindergarten balloons. What a contribution! Learn more about Kim and her art here.

Dan Kerr is a potter in our gallery and he also teaches art. He contributed phenomenal renderings and worked with Kim’s silhouettes for the high school panels, placing the pop of color accent for the sports representation. He also created the Class of 2020 banner (panel 6) and visualized how the balloons would work to express the activities/clubs , he sketched out the Eastern crest . He is very humble and did not sign the acknowledgement wall,  he feels his work speaks for itself. We could not have done this wall without Dan. Learn more about Dan and his art here.

Julie Savilla’s work is in our gallery, wire and beading is her forte but she also has other talents for creation. She was integral in creating all of the clouds, chalkboard banners work and worked with most of the balloons in the grade school panels of the mural. She also did all the lettering of the acknowledgement panel, thanks Julie for climbing the ladder, day after day, really great work! Learn more about Julie and her art here.

Jack McGovern is also one of our gallery artists, focusing on human figures in motion. He serves on the Arts Council and is very dedicated to the art community in Voorhees. He was a significant help with the Silhouettes and painted the details of the crest so that it jumps off the wall. Thank you Jack. Learn more about Jack and his art here.

Toby Weitzman is also a gallery artist, she shares her work on alcohol inks and paintings. She was given the congratulations wall to create a beautiful space for families to photograph in front of. We love what she did. Great mix of abstract and color, like her art. Learn more about Toby and her art here.

Johnny Goodwin is a graffiti artist who created character named Chuck and shows his work in our gallery. He lent his hand to the details of the flags, in the grade school middle school and high school, really showing the Viking as we know it. Learn more about Johnny and his art here.

Joanne Gibbs is a wonderful painter who shows her work in our gallery. She worked on the balloons and contributed stunning detail work with the class clown, Voyager newspaper, iPhone, and Eastern Yearbook details to name a few. Really enjoyed watching her make it so. Learn more about Joanne and her art here.

Risa Dera is an incredible stained glass artist that shows her work in the window of our gallery.  She was so supportive to help wherever it was needed on the wall and was our colorologist. She created brilliant maroon and dark blues to give the wall greater dimension. So grateful for her participation. Learn more about Risa and her art here.

Paula Faro is a ceramic artist in the gallery who does beautiful work. She came to the mural whenever she had time and helped us enhance and improve the details, filling in balloons and more. Thank you Paula for being part of the team. Learn more about Paula and her art here.

Amy Bash is a photographer in our gallery. She too helped us with the detailed work, and came when she could, to make her difference, most notable may be creating the arts honor society balloon and the honor cords that she added as a final touch. Learn more about Amy and her art here.

Bhavesh Gala is a very talented  painter  and new to our art community and participated in the online art gallery while we have been closed. He jumped in at the opportunity to volunteer his time to work on the mural, and did so with great workmanship, creating the graduation caps flying in the air on the congratulation wall. Can’t thank him enough.

Caris D’Orto has been an art student and displayed her work at the gallery. She is a young inspiring painter, sketcher and it was wonderful to have her on our team. She did incredible detail work on the ice hockey skates and proudly created the “most state championships” wrap on the girls field hockey stick.