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Kamal Khatiwala

Kamal is a self proclaimed, amateur oil paint artist. Since childhood she has been very captivated by art. She has learned all types of art whether it’s stitching, knitting, embroidery, crafting etc. along with drawing and painting. She has finished elementary and intermediate levels of drawing and water coloring while in school. In summer vacations she took various classes to learn henna, fabric painting, acrylic painting, portraits etc. As a high schooler she decided to pursue her carrier in science but, always made time for her passion for art. After being married to her wonderful husband For 28 years and after raising two beautiful kids that she is completely dedicated to, in her semi retired phase of life she has been giving a lot of time to her passion. Kamal is mostly an oil paint artist but, she is always exploring various mediums and techniques and often inspired by artist like Monet to Bob Ross. She loves to paint vibrant colors of sunrise, sunset, ocean waves, waterfalls etc. Although she paints a lot of seascapes and landscapes, she paints almost anything that catches her eyes. She takes pride and feels most creative when she is painting. You can find all her work at creationsbykamal at
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