Painter. VAC Gallery Artist. VAC Exhibit Artist.

Drawing was always a fun thing to do. Back in the 50’s & 60’s I tried to copy Prince Valiant, Steve Canyon and Abbie & Slats from the Sunday comics. In the 60’s & 70’s magazines still carried cartoons. For a while I drew & sold cartoons, got paid peanuts but there was nothing on television worth watching. Then life came along and I gave up painting until I retired 6 years ago. I am self taught, owing any success I have had to Andrew Loomis FIGURE DRAWING FOR ALL IT IS WORTH and ALLA PRIMA II by Richard Schmid. Before moving to Magnolia we lived by the shore in Monmouth Co. where I was a member of The Guild of Creative Arts in Shrewsbury. The beach and ocean play a large part in my art with family & friends being my models. Any day I get to draw and paint is a good day. 

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