Healing Art for a Hero's Heart

Thanks to the support of the Voorhees Township, the Wawa Foundation and the Camden County Cultural & Heritage Commission, this is a series of art work created specifically for our service members and veterans. This is our first mission: operation heal 327th COSC.

The Artists of the Voorhees Arts Council proudly created artwork from our hearts to the hearts of our service members, specifically for the 327th COSC, a combat stress team, led by Lieutenant Colonel Dan, the husband of one of our dedicated and talented artists. They are currently deployed, out there in the world and we wanted to show them some love and gratitude for their service by creating a custom piece of art of something they each love! And thanks to the Wawa Foundation grant and the support of Voorhees Township we were able to do this.

This is Lieutenant Colonel Dan (in a Blackhawk). we hope he and the others enjoy the art and pray for their safe return. Thank you for your service!

Meet the combat stress team of the 327th COSC... comprised of psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, behavioral and occupational health care workers and more, that stand at the ready to any soldier in need. The mission is to provide mental health services and stable care to service members over seas. These are the service members who will receive the unique one of a kind piece of art made for them based on something they love.

Special Note of Thanks from Dan

If you are an artist and would like to be involved in this project, contact Marianne at marianne@marianneleone.com for invitations to participate.