Below you will find the bios of the artists participating in our summer exhibit. the artwork will be up until late September. if you are interested in any of their work, contact the artist directly. see price list at bottom of page.

Abby Zahn

Abby is a creative image photographer. she can be contacted at

Amy Bash

Amy is also a Gallery artist, see her bio here. or contact her at

Amy L Golden

Dr Golden is a local dentist who also is passionate about photography. As a member of South Jersey Camera Club, she has won many local awards for her images. Her favorite subjects are wildlife and nature. Amy can be contacted at

Ann Kelly

Ann is also a Gallery artist, see her bio here. Or contact her at

Diane Sweeney

Diane is a painter. she can be contacted at

Donna Moyer

Donna is also a Gallery artist, see her bio here. Or contact me at

Elizabeth Stark

I’m inspired to create new paintings every day from the beauty and goodness in the world. There’s just something about the starkness that calls to me. Please contact me at

Florence Neild

Received my B. A. in fine art design from Glassboro State College in 1982, but have as a civil engineering drafting designer for over 30 years. Now I am retired and have returned to drawing and painting.  This year (2018) I won first place for my pen and ink drawing at the Camden County Senior Art Show and was entered into the State Senior Final Show. I exhibited a drawing and 2 watercolor paintings this year (2018) at Smithville Mansion in the Willingboro Art Alliance Annual Show. Please contact me at

Gayle Bunis

I have been painting for 24 years with Sandy Saler (art teacher). I work in oil, water color, color pencil and oil pastels. I can be contacted at

Joan Wheeler

Joan is also a Gallery artist, see her bio here. Or contact her at

Joanne Gibbs

Joanne is also in our gallery, see her bio here. Or contact me at

John Cheatley

John is also a VAC Gallery artist, see his bio here. or contact him at

Julie Savilla

Julie is also a Gallery artists, see her bio here. Or contact me at

Kim Clay

Kim is also a Gallery artist, see her bio here. Or contact her at

Lynne Mack

I have been painting sporadically for over 30 years while also working as an insurance executive, raising a daughter and studying for a masters degree. Now retired it is hoped that I can devote more time to my art. My preferred media is watercolor but I also work in oil, colored pencil and pastels. I can be reached at

Maria Sammartino

Maria Sammartino was born into a family of artists, and has spent many years creating art. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, she found herself immersed in painting, writing, and editing to help alleviate the pain that MS can cause. Maria has been a featured artist in local South Jersey juried shows and exhibitions, and currently has paintings hanging at the Perelman Canter in Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, and Penn Medicine.
Maria presents the viewer with a challenge in self-described “imagined landscapes” and abstract art that often defy rules of perspective and dimension. Her body of work is full of many different styles, and that is just a part of what makes them original. Each painting is different from the next, and not easily described as “abstract” or “landscape” but both at the same time. She mixes her vibrant palette in what seems to be endless layers and texture, challenging the viewer to label or describe them easily.

Michael Massee

Michael is also a resident artists, see his bio here. Or contact me at

Natalie Sutherland

Natalie is also a VAC Gallery artist, see her bio here. or contact her at

Patricia Wright

I work full time and paint when I can. I work in watercolor and oils and occasionally oil pastel. Please contact me at

Ray Tyler

Bio to come. Please contact me at

Richard Goodman

Richard Goodman is an artist living in southern New Jersey. Richard taught Art in Washington Township, as a high school and middle school teacher, before becoming an elementary classroom teacher for grades 3 through 6 in Williamstown, New Jersey. His interest in origami began as a grade school student, creating inflatable paper balloons. He’s been folding paper ever since. His 3-dimensional creations include mobiles, flowers, sculptures, votive candles, puppets, holiday ornaments and numerous animals. In addition to creating artwork, Richard has taught origami workshops in Medford, Cherry Hill, Marlton, Moorestown and Philadelphia. Please contact me at

Robin Brown

My name is Robin and I am a self taught photographer. What I love about photography is meeting so many new people and learning to see every day ordinary things in a different way that peaks my curiosity. I have also been able to share my photos with others in many types of venues like gallery shows and on my website. Please contact me at

Robin Brownfield

Robin Brownfield is a Collingswood, NJ resident and former sociology professor, musical playwright, and mother of 5, who delved into art, especially mosaic art, after she became disabled by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and fibromyalgia. She has a large mosaic walkway in her front yard that is always a work in progress. Please contact me at

Susan Cunningham

Began painting two years ago. Enjoy doing landscapes and natural settings. Impressionism is my favorite. No formal lessons, but have gotten feedback and informal instructions from friend who paints. Please contact me at

Patty Kennedy

Patty is also a Gallery artist, see her bio here. Or contact her at

Paul Schlitsey

Paul is also a Gallery artist, see his bio here. Or contact him at

Rita Karpo

Rita is also a VAC gallery artist, see her bio here. Or contact her at

Roe Peiffer

Roe is a painter. she can be contacted at

Sandra Saler

bio to come. she can be reached at