Upcycle Artist. VAC Gallery Artist. VAC Exhibit Artist.

Suzy Sherbine- I began my artistic journey some 12 years ago, out of a deep concern for environmental sustainability.

After taking a course, at the Cloud Institute for Sustainability in New York. I saw the film The Poet of Poverty written by Father Michael Doyle, of Sacred Heart Church in Waterfront South Camden. I was so moved by the film’s depiction of the environmental degradation and social injustices in Waterfront South Camden that I soon began volunteering with the Center for Environmental Transformation in Camden.

One day, while doing a Spring clean up of abandoned lots surrounding Sacred Heart, I became intrigued by the debris we were piling up …a discarded lock; a set of keys; a coffee cup; scrap metal; thick rusted chains, to list a few. These discarded objects became the inspiration for my first pieces and have set the tone for my work ever since.

I’ve exhibited my pieces throughout the area: at Rutgers; The Center for Environmental Transformation; the Cherry Hill Library; the Cherry Hill Mall; CCC at Blackwood; Michael Bruce floral gallery in Collingswood; the Flying Fish Brewery in Summerdale and various Sustainability meetings,

You can contact Suzy at suzysherbine@gmail.com