Upcycle Artist. VAC Gallery Artist. VAC Exhibit Artist.

Suzy Sherbine- I aim to deliver a message of sustainability through my art, which utilizes items found on the ground, frequently from Camden such as tires, pieces of rusted metal, bottles. I was inspired more than 8 years ago by the film Poet of Poverty ,told through the letters of Michael Doyle, an Irish priest who came to Camden more than 40 years ago. I have since expanded my art by using pieces I have found on the ground here in the suburbs. Pieces that didn’t even make it into the trash. They come to life as whimsical pieces with a turn of the century flare, each with a card describing what they’re made of. I call them ArtofFACTS “Trash Transformed to Teach”  I have exhibited in Collingwood, Rutgers in Camden, Camden Environmental Center, Sustainable Cherry Hill Earth Festival. I seek venues that appreciate sustainability.

You can contact Suzy at suzysherbine@gmail.com