Welcome to our virtual Voorhees Art Museum. We currently are showing 3 exhibits of art work, over 80 pieces from 30 local artists displayed on the walls of the museums of the world. And a Second tour of the Art Adventures with the Storytellers, below it.

Here is how to take the tour:

  • The following presentations can be viewed in 2 ways: clicked through (at your own speed and you can jump around through many hyperlinks) or hit the slide show play button and slides will advance every 5 seconds, in sequence. 
  • There are 30 artists represented and the curator, Marianne Leone, in these 3 exhibits, sharing over 80 pieces of art. and the 2nd tour of Art Adventures with the Storytellers is below it.
  • The photos used as background are from the museums of the world, and photo credit is given to photographer or publication, otherwise it is images from said museum’s website.
  • Each gallery(walls from around the world) are named after the historical Mayors of Voorhees; one exception is Leone, that is the curator’s last name.
  • The hallways are named after the Voorhees Committee members, or staff, who supported this art project, and without which this would not have been possible.
  • There is a slide at the end that explains the inspiration for this project and another on the primary resource.

This is the article that appeared in the Voorhees Sun as a preview to the Virtual Voorhees Art Museum.